Claus-Pural: launch of new wholesale warehouse

The relocation from Claus-Pural’s base in Gilching in Bavaria to Fürstenfeldbruck was carried out within three days.

Empowering smallholders by group certification

Smallholders play an essential role in food production and food security, in sustaining rural economies and as stewards of biodiversity.

Ecover`s future goal is a natural clean world

Interview with long term innovation manager Tom Domen

Sunflower protein: innovation for organic manufacturers

The specialist company AOT for oils and fats in discovered and developed the benefits of sunflower protein

Italy: Operation Vertical bio - 11 suspects under house detention

Vertical bio is an operation that intervened in an international criminal conspiracy.

BioFach 2014: exhibitors very pleased with quality of visitors

The visitors, especially the specialist retailers, found the fair a rewarding experience.

BioFach Launch: Strong Growth in Turnover – Politicians Criticised

At a press conference to launch BioFach, specialist journalists were given the current data. 

EU revision brings advantages but potential problems as well

The revision of the legally binding framework conditions for the organic sector have been debated for the last six months or so.

BioFach 25: Innovations and Congress Tips

"Into Organic" is the new motto of BioFach; "Into Natural Beauty" is that of Vivaness.

GON: Network and Promotion for Organic from Japan

While the growth of organic agriculture is still moderate, the demand for organic products has been continuously increasing in Japan.

Helekang - one of the leading players in online organic retailing in China

Helekang offers about 10,000 products, of which about a third is organic.

Venue Vivaness: Natural cosmetics driving innovation and growth

The markets for natural cosmetics at international level have recorded stable growth rates for years and prospects for the coming years are brilliant.

Animal testing in China – not with Logocos, Lavera and BDIH

Since Logocos announced at the end of November that the firm was withdrawing from the Chinese market with immediate effect, things have been happening very fast. 

Merry christmas and a happy new year!

In many respects this has been an exciting year

Lawyer H. Schmidt: No to complete revision

A fifteen day-long seminar on changes to the laws applying to organics was held in Frankfurt.

Sourcing in India: tracking down organic raw materials

India is an important source of raw materials for organic products

Marketing chestnuts leads to nature conservation project

An initiative is being launched to rescue the chestnut woods.

Global Integrity Platform to Combat Organic Fraud

The organic sector has been repeatedly rocked by fraud scandals.

IFOAM EU Group looks back on ten successful years

“Making Europe More Organic” is the motto that the IFOAM EU Group proclaimed

Estonia: Biomarket stores – successful with German brands

Biomarket is one of the leading organic wholesalers and retailers in Estonia

German natural cosmetics market heading for a billion euros

The market for controlled natural cosmetics is well on the way to exceeding the 950 million euros mark.

OrganicDataNetwork Develops Methodology for Collecting Organic Data

The EU project OrganicDataNetwork organized the fourth project meeting this month.

A new organic law and Organic Week in Ukraine

A new law has just been passed to further strenghten the organic sector in Ukraine.

Estonia makes good progress in the organic sector

The most northerly Baltic state has gone through a remarkable development in the last 20 years

“I regard it as my vocation to take Logocos forward into the future”

Interview with Ulrich Grieshaber, Logocos AG 

Crown of Holland: Tradin opens new cocoa factory

The Dutch raw materials specialist Tradin Organic started operating its brand new cocoa processing plant near Amsterdam.

India: Organic taking root in the cities

The article is about domestic market size and growth projections

Germany: Organic action plan of the Greens to promote the organic industry

Strengthen organic agriculture – an action plan for organic farming

Finnish manufacturer supplies ten countries with organic starch

Potato starch used by the organic sector frequently comes from Finland

Ritter backs down and pays organic premium again

A short time ago, Nicaraguan farmers were recommended to change to the UTZ Standard

Fair Trade olives from Palestine

The basic idea behind Canaan Fair Trade is simple: to produce local, Fair Trade organic olive oil.

Consultancy Klaus Braun: advice and statistics for the organic industry

The core competence and main activity of Klaus Braun, Karin Lösch and Simon Döring is consulting  organic retailers

Sonnentor launches partner shop programme

Since the beginning of 2013, Sonnentor has been offering the specialist retail trade a partner shop programme.

France: presentation of organic action plan up to 2017

There will be still more support for the organic sector in France by the state.

What does the future hold for organic control?

Bio-Markt.Info spoke to Dr. Jochen Neuendorff on an amendment to the regulation on official control of food and feed that also involves an amendment to the EU Organic Regulation.

Germany: Taifun´s Tofulution

Life Food GmbH produces vegan food from 100 % organic raw materials

Good results of our survey of reader satisfaction

400 readers filled out our survey of reader’s satisfaction with our online portals.

“The vegetarian lifestyle is a long-term development”

An interview with the spokesperson of VEBU, the association of vegetarians in Germany