USA: and Stonyfield Farm announce partnership

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Organic Living was launched, an online partnership of and Stonyfield Farm. Organic Living is part of's global breast cancer prevention initiative which educates women about the impact certain factors have on breast health, PR Newswire reports. For more than 28 years, Stonyfield has been growing and processing food organically. Through Organic Living, Stonyfield offers insight and advice about adopting an organic lifestyle for greater overall health.

Through regularly updated articles, recipes, videos, and lifestyle tips, Organic Living explains the meaning and importance of organic choices in every aspect of daily life. It will be updated weekly with healthy recipes, articles on the organic lifestyle, and videos that outline choices people can make that may positively impact their physical health and the environment. Additionally, visitors can learn how to start an organic garden and find helpful tips for shopping organic on a budget and selecting organic skincare, for example.

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