UK: Study of a health crisis

Source: Compassion in World Farming


Compassion in World Farming has joined with two other established organisations, Sustain and the Soil Association, to form the “Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics”. Together they aim to halt the routine use of antibiotics in farm animals.

A new report published by Compassion, 'Case Study of a Health Crisis', goes into all the detail on this vital medical and animal health issue. It explains why over-use of antibiotics in factory farming, especially at low doses over several days, is contributing to the huge threat of a world without effective cures for bacterial infections. The alliance asserts that the reason antibiotics are being over-used in the farming sector is that factory-farmed animals are inevitably at high risk of infection, and the report puts forward evidence to support this. The full report is avialable here

Organic livestock farmers can manage their animals without the routine use of antibiotics and other drugs because they run a healthy, balanced system. This means not keeping too many animals on a given area, minimising stress, keeping a mixture of species wherever possible and providing a diet that is as natural as possible, the Soil Association reports.

Compassion in World Farming


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