Certcost publishes new report

Source: Certcost


Certcost has published a new public report on consumer preferences and the willingness to pay for organic certification logos. The report is available here. A market inventory shows that the most frequent kinds of organic certification logos occurring on products across the study countries are the national governmental logos, logos of farmers’ associations, their umbrella organisations, and logos of certification bodies. 

The report gives a number of recommendations for different actors in the organic sector on the use and promotion of organic certification logos. To increase consumer trust in the new mandatory EU logo, it is recommended that promotion campaigns should be carried out explaining what the logo indicates.

Certcost is a European research project supported by the European Commission. This project runs for three years, from September 2008 to August 2011. The main project objective is to generate research based knowledge on how to improve the organic food certification system in terms of efficiency, transparency and cost effectiveness.



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