Barcelona: Study on organic and conventional ketchup

Source: Universitat de Barcelona


A scientific study has revealed that ketchup made from organically grown tomatoes contains higher levels of polyphenols than ketchup made from conventional tomatoes. Polyphenols are functional molecules of plant origin with proven health benefits for humans, Universitat de Barcelona reports. The study focused on the biochemical and metabolomic analysis of a range of branded ketchups.

According to this new study, the agricultural system in which tomatoes are grown affects the levels of bioactive compounds and other metabolites found in commercially available ketchups. The first author of the study, Anna Vallverdú-Queralt, explains that other studies have used metabolomics to analyse alterations in tomatoes caused by mutations. By applying this methodology to their study, they were able to make the first observations of differences in biomarkers between commercial ketchups made from organic and conventional tomatoes.

They conclude that polyphenols are the main differential markers between products containing organically or conventionally grown tomatoes. The results show that ketchup made from organically grown tomatoes contains higher levels of the polyphenolic compounds flavonols, flavanones and phenolic acids, biomolecules with antioxidant properties and protective effects in the human body. More information is available here: Universitat de Barcelona



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