UK: Yeo Valley - new look and range for 2012

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Yeo Valley, the British family-run dairy company, has unveiled a new look across its dairy range (picture) and introduced a host of new yogurts, all to be on shelf this March. The new-look has been designed to illustrate the delicious Yeo Valley taste and reflect the brand’s ethos as an independent family farming business from the West Country. The new packaging is complemented by a new logo – a white heart containing the words ‘Yeo Valley Family Farm’, designed to communicate the real-life family farm and show the heart of the brand is in Somerset’s Yeo Valley. Every product will also carry a 100 % ‘Yeoganic’ message – Yeo Valley’s own description reflecting its total organic status and ethical farming procedures. The packaging will also feature the Soil Association’s new Ethical Trade badge (see picture below).

Yeo Valley will be extending its signature range with the introduction of NEW Mild and Creamy. Within the Big Pot (450g) range Yeo Valley is introducing a number of new lines, including NEW Rhubarb, Peach & Apricot, Blueberry with a hint of Lime, Raspberry & Passion Fruit, Mango & Vanilla and a limited edition Blackcurrant & Elderflower. Yeo Valley’s classic big pots have also been improved to make them tastier and creamier. NEW limited edition Greek Style with Lemon & Ginger will complement the Greek Style with Honey as well as the Greek Style with Coconut and Greek Style with Vanilla which will both move to big pot format.

Yeo Valley (picture: a view over the valley) is introducing a brand new premium range called Top Notch. Designed for two to share, these 450g pots feature Yeo Valley’s top-selling thick and creamy vanilla yogurt with a generous layer of fruit compote. Also new to the collection is 0 % Fat Vanilla Yeogurt & Granola breakfast pot, featuring a thick and creamy 0 % fat vanilla yogurt with a generous layer of organic ingredients: oat flakes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and honey. Targeting consumers looking for breakfast on the go, it will be available in both retail and convenience stockists in the UK. Yeo Valley’s existing range of First Yeos, Little Yeos and Yeo Tubes will be repackaged in new farm-inspired packaging and will be joined by a NEW Yeo Smoothie! Selection. From launch, the children’s range will feature a major on-pack offer to win one of 50,000 t-shirts from Mini Boden. Yeo Valley will be introducing Really Creamy Organic Rice Pudding, a twinpack of 150g pots of delicious thick and creamy rice pudding soon. More information about Yeo Valleyis available here 


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