Spain: Promotion of organics in Cantabria

Source: Ecoticias


The "Day for Sustainable Production and Responsible Consumption" was celebrated in the framework of the project "Sabor Cooperativo" - "Taste Cooperative" in Reinosa, Cantabria on 28 March 2012. “Sabor Cooperativo” - "Taste Cooperative" is funded by the European Social Fund through the Program Empleaverde of the Biodiversity Foundation. During the day, the importance of consuming organic produce was highlighted. The main conclusions of the market research "Green Product Trends in Cantabria" were revealed, which raised discussions about consumers' perception of organic certification. Experts discussed themes like market opportunities for organic products in Cantabria. A number of entities made their commitment on occasion of the day. Some of the commitments are: 

The consumer cooperative San Sebastian will introduce lines of organic products such as dairy, fruits and vegetables, oils, wines and beer, legumes, pasta, chocolates, cakes, flour, jam, honey, and provide information to their partners and customers about these products and their labeling. In addition, the cooperative agreed to give priority to the marketing of local produce. The cooperative Arco will continue to market organic products to boost their consumption and spread the idea of organic farming.

The local development company Emuprosa pledged to continue supporting entrepreneurs by training, coaching, and mentoring processes of entrepreneurship and to advice on marketing. The consumer association San Sebastian will conduct various activities. These include workshops in schools, lectures and pamphlets for school children and their families to inform about the difference between organic and / or fair trade and conventional products. 



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