Netherlands: Workshop on local seed varieties

Source: Buizer Advies


Breeders are encouraged to grow local varieties of seeds next to their “global” ones, since local seeds adapt better to the conditions of the area and are in balance with the environment. A variety, produced in its own region by organic growers, gives the region its own face and is also attractive to local consumers and strengthens their connections with the region. (Picture: Ing. A.(Bertus) Buizer)

The development of “local” varieties, however, raises some important questions. How can organic farming experiences, new breeding techniques and knowledge, resources and demand from consumers be combined? Which variety can best suit the farmer's needs and how can he or she obtain data on the chosen varieties?

Dr. de Jager and Ing. Buizer will discuss these and further questions in a workshop, which will be held during BioVak in the IJsselhallen at Zwolle in the framework of the Breeding Square on 18 and 19 January 2012. Also, a survey is available at the website of Organic Seeds to exchange ideas on local seeds before the workshop, which can be filled in online or ordered via email. The results of the survey will be presented anonymously at the workshop. More information is available at Organic Seeds . (Picture: Dr. Ir. K.C.M. de Jager)


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