Sustainable impressions of a trip to Costa Rica

Source: Living Maxwell


Max Goldberg has visited Costa Rica to learn about the Earth University. This university is a 4-year accredited school where kids from all over the world, mostly Latin America and Africa, come to learn about sustainability, organic farming, and entrepreneurship. The idea is to give these students the necessary skills so that  they can start sustainable businesses in their home countries after graduation.

Mr Goldberg has videoblogged from Costa Rica. The following videos are available: An overview and his impression of the university; how sustainable bananas are produced, how the Whole Planet Foundation is making a huge difference in the lives of female entrepreneurs in Costa Rica; a look at the farmers' market in Puerto Viejo, a little surfing town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica as well as his final thoughts on his trip, what is noni, and what's a biodigester.

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