USA: 1 million people call for a label on GM food

Source: OTA


Since October 2011, the Just Label It campaign and its more than 500 partner organisations have spearheaded an historic number of public comments for a GE-foods labeling petition (Docket #FDA 2011-P-0723-001/CP), OTA reports. The Just Label It Campaign has now announced that a record-breaking one million Americans of all political persuasions have called on the FDA to label genetically engineered foods.

The campaign has also announced a new national survey. Consumer support for GE-foods labeling in the USA is nearly unanimous, according to the political opinion survey on GE food labeling conducted by The Mellman Group on behalf of the campaign. The survey found nearly all Democrats (93 % favor, 2 % oppose), Independents (9 0% favor, 5 % oppose) and Republicans (89 % favor, 5 % oppose) in favor of labeling. The study also revealed that support for labeling is robust and arguments against it have little sway. The survey findings are available here:




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