USA: GMO labeling bill approved by Vermontís House Agriculture Committee

Source: Burlington Press / RP Online


Vermont’s House Agriculture Committee has approved a bill that would require genetically engineered foods to be labeled, The Burlington Free Press reports. The bill had nine votes in favor, and one vote in opposition, and has a popular support in the state with more than 80 %. It is, however, coming out of committee as the 2012 legislative session is in its final period. It would still need approval from the House Judiciary Committee, the full House, the Senate and the governor. The bill is not likely to pass before the session has ended, especially when considering Monsanto’s threat to sue the state if it does so, according to the newspaper.

In 2011, the global area dedicated to GM plants grew by 8 % (on the previous year) to 160 million hectares. The leading countries for GM plants are the USA, Brazil and Argentina, where more than three quarters of the total land with genetically modified plants can be found. According to ISAAA , larger quantities of GM plants were grown in 29 countries in the same year. In Europe, larger amounts of GM crops were only grown in Spain and Portugal. Commercial planting is concentrated on soy beans (47 %) and corn (31 %) for feed production as well as on cotton (16 %) and canola (5 %). Three quarters of the world-wide cotton production comes from genetically engineered plants, RP online reports, citing ISAAA.


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