UK: Talkington Bates increases organic offer


The independent contract caterer Talkington Bates Group, based in the UK, is reinforcing its environmentally-conscious credentials. Organic milk for beverages is now available at selected sites at no extra cost and this is communicated via posters, table-talkers and intranet campaigns (picture).

Each Talkington Bates site is now also receiving a Riverford Organic vegetable box each week along with suggested recipes. Diners can also purchase an organic vegetable box to take home. The company is also investigating using organic eggs instead of the free-range variety at its sites at some stage in the future, Cost Sector Catering reports.

Paul Bates, Talkington Bates Group managing director, said that this move supported their credentials as an environmentally-conscious company dedicated to using quality, fresh, local and seasonal produce that was sustainably sourced. This move was just a relatively small scale test at the moment and the company would evaluate the performance of the organic range at these sites before extending availability to more outlets, Mr Bates continued.

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