UK: School meals on the rise

Source: Soil Association


More than three million children in England are now eating meals at school, The Belfast Telegraph reports. Figures show an average of 44.1 % of children in primary schools and 37.6 % of pupils in secondary school ate school meals in 2010/11, a rise of 41.4 % and 35.8% respectively on the previous year.

Libby Grundy, director of the Food for Life Partnership (FFLP), stated: "These figures are very encouraging and prove that policies promoting good school meals are having an effect. In Food For Life Partnership schools, children and parents are seeing the benefit of having an understanding of a healthy food culture and pupils are enjoying fresh food from a sustainable source. With nearly 20 % of all schools engaged in the programme, the Food for Life Partnership is a big part of the story behind this national average increase."

Soil Association


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