Denmark: Increased use of organics in public kitchens and private canteens

Source: Organic Denmark


As in many other countries, meal providers in Danish canteens, institutions, restaurants and hospitals are increasingly faced with demands for purity, sustainability and respect for animals and nature. A new study published by Organic Denmark shows that total organic sales to Danish professional kitchens amounted to 743 million kroner in 2011 (100 million euros). This is an increase of 234 million kroner (about 32 million euros) on 2010, equal to 46 %. (Picture: Preparation of meals for a Danish school


"There is growth in both private canteens and public kitchens. Many private companies aim to work in a sustainable way, show a green profile and offer organics in their canteens. In recent years, public kitchens have increasingly begun to convert to organic, and this development is expected to continue. The Danish government has set a target that by 2020 there will be an average of 60 % organic ingredients in public kitchens, and every day 500,000 public meals with those ingredients will be served in Denmark", says Rikke Thorøe Grønning, food service coordinator of Organic Denmark, who presented the latest figures at Organic Denmark’s general meeting in Svendborg. The figures are based on reports from the eleven largest foodservices / wholesalers in Denmark and the estimates of organic analysts.

The majority of Danes supports the government's target of 60 % ecological ingredients in public meals, according to a representative survey, which A & B Analyse has made for Organic Denmark, if it can be done for the same budget. Copenhagen and other cities have shown that this is possible by avoiding food waste, buying in season, cooking from scratch and by using more vegetables and less meat. 70 % of the food served in the Copenhagen municipality is now organic, and the budget is the same as before.

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