International conference on the organic sector development in Izmir

Source: Organic Services GmbH


The Organizers of the ’4th International conference on the organic sector development in Central/Eastern European and Central Asian countries’ scheduled 13-14 April 2012 in Izmir have just launched the conference programme. Speakers from different countries/regions will share their stories, best practices and their strategies for the future of the organic sector. A full list of speakers is available at the conference’s website. The central focal point is how to maintain and improve organic integrity along the value chain. There will be high level plenary presentations and panel discussions. Thematic sessions will help attendees to dive deep into specific subject matter that interest most.

Inspiring concepts and new learning approaches to improve organic quality along the supply chain will be presented. Maintaining and improving organic integrity will be tackled from various sides; to name only a few: Eva Mattson of Grolink, Sweden will share experiences of an international training programme for certifiers. Imdat Sutluoglu of Caykur, Turkey will present motives, obstacles and results of converting Turkey's largest tea project to organic. Dr. Jochen Neuendorff of GfRS, Germany will provide recommendations of the Anti-Fraud-Initiative. Robert Simmons, Organic Services USA will present activities on improvement of organic integrity in the USA and Fatma Mamak from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in Turkey will discuss harmonization of organic regulations of EU and Turkey. Dariusz Goszczyñski from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Poland will share the case of Poland with improvement of their certification system. 

Aiming at bridging obstacles from production throughout the value chain to companies having to cope with consumers concerns, various practical examples will be discussed: Manzura Sultanova of the public organization Saodat, Tajikistan will present experiences on quality assurance of organic products in Tajikistan. Akin Palazoglu of Martin Bauer Group, Turkey will talk about their responsibility for product chain quality. Hans Braeckmann of Fytolab, Belgium will contribute improvements from the perspective of laboratories. The conference program has been elaborated in close cooperation with the German Turkish Cooperation Project Organic Agriculture which aims at supporting the development of the organic agriculture sector in Turkey and at promoting the export of organic products into the European market. First results of the project such as an analysis of the supply chain of key export products and the training programme will be presented at the conference.

Textile Exchange has contributed as content partner to setting up two sessions about cotton and the textile product chain integrity. Turkey is one of the leading cotton and textile producers in the world and thus can contribute best to the conference topics. Amongst others is Aydin Gokhan of Sanko, Turkey, invited to share experiences and challenges in organic cotton production from a processor’s point of view. Economical and social aspects of organic cotton production will be discussed by Abdulatib Khaldarov of Helvetas, Kyrgyzstan.

Conference participants will have free entry to the Ecology Izmir trade fair (hall 4 food and farming, hall 3 textiles) and the chance to register to B2B meetings organized by the Aegean Exporters Association. Conference languages are English, Turkish and Russian, with simultaneous interpretation. On 12 and 15 April, participants have the opportunity to join excursions to organic producers and processors in the region. Further information on registration, directions and updates can be found here:







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