France: International conference on organic rice

Source: Conference on organic rice farming


The first international conference on organic rice farming and production systems will take place in Montpellier,  France from 27 to 30 August 2012. The conference is open to researchers and all stakeholders in the production chain: rice growers, professional organisations and their partners, companies involved in collection, transformation and commercialisation, as well as others.Teachers and students will also find information relevant to their training. The conference is organised into an introductory session followed by six theme based sessions.

The principal objective of the conference is to stimulate and favour exchange between research scientists, rice growers and other stakeholders in the organic rice chain. These exchanges, focused on organic rice production in different regions throughout the world, will be organised in order to assess actual knowledge of the functioning of organic rice production systems on different time and space scales; identify innovations being undertaken and obstacles that block the development of these systems; analyse the impact of different types of organic rice production on food quality and health and their contribution to the construction of the pillars of sustainable development; as well as to analyse the impact of public policy and to propose guidelines. Finally, as the United Nations declared 2004 the "international year of rice" and 2010 the "international year of biodiversity", the ambition of this conference is to link these two events. More information is available in this flyer and at INRA's website. The conference programme is available here.  


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