Germany: Fairtrade & organic increasingly popular

Fairtrade producer elected board chair

Fairtrade announces sweeping changes

Fairtrade Ibérica formed

Fairtrade launches to consumers in India

Moscow: The first international exhibition for the organic industry

African producers set to increase their bargaining power

Report on women farmers

Harriet Lamb made Honorary Fellow of Trinity Hall at Cambridge University

Fairtrade International releases 2012-13 report

London Boroughs urged to support Fairtrade City Campaign

Nespresso and Fairtrade International to support Colombian cooperatives

Let's make Fairtrade the norm

Fairtrade launches on the Kenyan market

Fairtrade Access Fund’s first loans making impact

Farmers to have equal say in Fairtrade

First European Fair Cotton Procurement Awards

Fairtrade part of new coalition to address low wages in tea industry

Sales of Fairtrade goods in the UK increase by 19 %

Fairtrade announces three-year global strategy

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