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Barcelona: Sustainable Textiles Conference

Source: Textile Exchange


The 2011 Textile Exchange Sustainable Textiles Confererence – Impacts, Integrity and Innovation -  will take place at the Princesa Sofia Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, from 18 September to 20 September 2011. The conference will be an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest trends and innovations in textile sustainability in the round of a dynamic professional community of experts, solution providers, and industry peers dedicated to advancing sustainable practices across the global textile value chain.

Leading experts and innovators will speak on areas such as product integrity, product end-of-life, green chemistry and materials, natural resource use and efficiency, indexing, value chain and transparency. The 2011 Textile Exchange Sustainable Textiles Conference is intentionally positioned before the ITMA show that begins on September 22 in Barcelona and will play an integral part in ITMA’s World Textile Summit 2011. The conference agenda is available here . (Picture: Textile Exchange conference in New York City 2010)

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