Italy: First Circolo Aiab in Marche launched

Source: Seven Rooms


Seven Rooms and Bar is a small location in the centre of San Benedetto del Tronto by the Adriatic Sea in the Marche region. At this small hotel with seven rooms, Pietro and Angelica opened the first organic and zero km bar of the city on 5 February 2011. The Seven Rooms and Bar is the setting of many events and art exhibitions, established with the purpose to make local artists known and appreciated with their hand-made art that goes with the philosophy of the whole place. At the bar, organic and local products are offered like coffee, milk, cheese, wine, sausage, fruit, sweets, and bread, for example.

Now the first Circolo AIAB of Marche was launched there. The Circolo is an association of consumers and producers, aiming at promoting the sustainable products of the area. During the evening of 27 November 2011, one could taste typical, organic products of the season and register to the circle. Members are then able to get involved in the initiatives which will be organized soon. During the first meeting, Professor Alberto Felice, university lecturer at the University of Camerino, spoke on proper alimentation. 
Pietro, after spending over 12 years working as a manager for fashion, editorial and human resources, decided to dedicate his life to a tourism and hosting activity in San Benedetto del Tronto. Angelica helped him in achieving this, as she had always been in the field of hosting and tourism: 30 years ago her family opened the first farm holiday place in Marche (La Panoramica). The place is run with high respect for people and environment, the promotion of organic, regional products and everything is centered around the well-being of their guests. The guest house is equipped with a solar power plant, satisfying the hot water need of the place. Seven Rooms is open all year round. (Pictures: Seven Rooms and Bar)

Seven Rooms


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