Vivaness: Natural Cosmetics Innovations

Author: Karin Heinze

Every year at Vivaness, the World Natural Cosmetics Trade Fair in Nuremberg, you make a myriad of discoveries: new firms, new products, new appearances. Visitors on the way to Hall 7A could get information about new products in the innovations area or discover new firms at the stands in Breeze, the special exhibition area. The 206 exhibitors at Vivaness brought around 11,000 products with them to the fair. We have compiled an overview for you of important innovations in the natural cosmetics sector. (Picture: Impressive debut of Intelligent Nutrients at Vivaness. The partner of the founder Horst Rechelbacher was on the stand)


A feature of the cosmetics area and of the fair as a whole was its international character. With 123 exhibitors from 26 countries, compared with 81 German firms from a total of 206, the international presence was 60 %, a level that had never been reached before. France, with 46 exhibitors, and Italy, with 27, were especially well represented. In the case of the German exhibitors, as well as the first appearance of Intelligent Nutrients, the new stand concepts of Dr. Hauschka and Logocos caught the eye. For Lavera, everything revolved around the company’s 25th anniversary. (Picture: Visitors attracted by exhibitors’ novelties and new firms at Breeze)

Aiomyth is the name of the brand from Switzerland that introduced itself to the public at the special exhibition area Breeze. Jörn Volk, coming from the world of finance, discovered his penchant for natural cosmetics and launched the high-value brand Aiomyth. With his premium products, he focuses on special ingredients that are certified by Demeter or BioSuisse and on luxury Miron violet glass packaging and pots with wooden lids made from FSC-cherrywood. With the bath and bodycare products (oils, bodybutter, bodywash) users are said to experience “happy moments of serenity”, according to the firm Aiomyth-Volkomen from Zürich.

You can always rely on the firma  Alva to come up with innovations. This time, the firm from Osnabrück introduced a “family“ cream with high-value ingredients. On the back of its marketing partnership with the French firm Acorelle, Alva’s product range (picture) has once again expanded significantly. Thus, to the fragrances (eau frâiche, parfum) that Alva took into its range from Acorelle have been added the creations White Orchid and Chypre. For hair removal Acorelle offers three kinds of wax strip (for the face, body, underarm and bikini) with organic bees wax and aloe vera. A cream to inhibit hair growth is also available.

The decorative cosmetics of  Aubrey Organics contain the finest silk powder and other valuable ingredients. Powder and rouge powder create and nourish an even complexion and lip glosses create gleaming lips. This traditional firm in America is first and foremost a hair care specialist, but it also offers a wide range of toiletries and cosmetics. Interesting for the summer season: shaving creams in different fragrances.

In addition to its already well known products and displays of good value trend decorative cosmetics, the still young firm Benecos from Aschaffenburg presented its new counter display Urban Nature (picture). The product range has been widened with a liquid eyeliner, a quattro eyeshadow and slimline lipsticks and is rounded off by a kajal pencil in white and new trend colours in the nail varnishes. All products are BDIH-certified, apart from the nail varnishes, that don’t however contain toluol, campher, phthalate, formaldehyde or colophonium.

Bio-Maris from Bremen was at Vivaness for the first time. The Biomaris-Med-concept, with sea water from the depths of the Baltic, has been a proven product for decades. The dermatological system-care for sensitive, dry to very dry skin prone to allergies and irritation promises regeneration of the skin and systematic care that has been developed on the basis of years of scientific research. Working together with Deutscher Neurodermitis Bund e. V., the company tested its products for skin compatibility, and the results were positive. Biomaris med complies with the regulations for natural cosmetics and is free from perfume, preservatives, colorants, silicone and mineral oils, conventional emulsifiers and tensides.

For 60 years, a company with German-Jewish roots has been a cult in America. Now Dr. Bronner´s is advancing into Europe with its body care products. Certified fair trade and organic, Dr. Bronner´s Germany presented among other things its liquid soaps, its various shampoos, conditioners and shaving creams in colourful packaging. Together with a care range for sensitive baby skin, there is a lip balm and fragrant body balm.

Dr. Hauschka brought innovations to Vivaness in the three categories body care, face care and decorative cosmetics. The company has modified its range of body milk products, that now include five different body lotions in glass bottles with dispenser: citrone lemongrass, quince, lavender sandalwood, rose and almond. A completely new product is the limited edition lipstick Inner Glow (picture).

Wilma Scarton introduced her five-part natural cosmetics Green Energy, that are made in Italy. In Asia, the USA and other EU countries, the products – they come in a retail and spa/institute version - are already well represented. Now she wants to conquer the German market. The cosmetics are produced with valuable ingredients derived from, for example, the argan tree, olives, rice, sea buckthorn or blackcurrant.

The organic cosmetics brand Intelligent Nutrients of Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of Aveda, is enjoying great popularity more than a year after entering the market in Europe (picture on right). In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you find the brand in many Aveda shops, natural cosmetics shops, perfumeries and other sales channels that guarantee good customer advice. Two field service staff visit and support the shops. New products introduced at Vivaness included the aroma Neroli in different product variations (lotion, acupressure stick) and a cranberry lipgloss and new shampoos in large bottles.

Under the heading "feel beautiful", Farfalla has brought out four lines of cosmetics with organic active ingredients: Daily Pleasure, Intense Frangipani, Pure Sensitive and Silhouette Miracle. The product range consists of body butter, deodorants, shampoos, fragrances and travel sets.

Lavera again brought an array of new products or revised products to the fair: the Faces range, a medicating neutral range for problem and allergy skin, Sun Sensitive baby and toddler sun milk (LSF 30), the decorative edition Trend Sensitive Natural Glow as counter display (picture) and a 2-in-1 spot stick with, among other things, extract of burdock and willow bark – with both astringent and concealing properties. With every new product and every relaunch, the Natrue logo is added to the packaging.

The Logocos Group, with its brands Heliotrop, Logona, Fitne and Santé, also presented an abundance of innovations on their big stand, that was the expression of all facets of the Logocos world. The former natural cosmetics brand Heliotrop (picture) made a big impact: new packaging for the 56 products in the range, of which 45 already carry the Natrue logo.This premium system care range is no longer exclusive to health food stores. To supplement Heliotrop system care, there is a balance range for skin during the menopause. In the case of hair care, a shampoo for thinning hair has been added. The hair dyes now carry the words “100% natural and safe, including for users under 16“. For men too there’s an increasingly wide range of products: as well as the typical items for men like shaving care, the revised "Mann" range now offers an anti-wrinkle fluid. The brand Santé for the younger generation offers a vegan tooth cream containing mineral B12, that is absorbed via the mucous membrane.

Primavera: fragrances, wellness and cosmetics. The new sensitive skin care range chamomile borage contains a mild cleansing cream, a face lotion, soothing cream and eye cream for stressed and irritated skin. On the theme of wellness, Primavera presented two key fob roll-ons and four prettily packaged fragrance sets. Also new are the room spray and fragrant oil “Tutto bene“.

Safea has now become Safeas Organic Beauty. The name and presentation have changed – the logo is more modern and fresh colours adorn the packaging. The high-value recipes, with as high a proportion of organic ingredients as possible are unchanged. New to the product range is the lemon range for problem skin, including a spot pencil, a ghassoul detox spray and a foot balsam. (Picture: Daniela Kandrova, the managing director of the company).

Santaverde and its innovations were represented on the Biogarten stand. Two new intensive moisturizing body care products with skin protection and care agents derived from fresh aloe vera leaves have been included in their programme for the first time: Body Lotion classic for all skin types and Body Lotion sensitive for sensitive and dry skin.

The new face care range from  Speick Naturkosmetik is called Natural Face. All products contain the natural coenzyme Q10, extract of baobab fruit from a fair trade women’s project in Burkina Faso and vitamin F. Depending on the particular needs of the skin, Creme Light, Medium or Rich provides the appropriate combination of active ingredients. Intensive skin care serum and cleansing foam supplement the creams. Specifically for men, this natural cosmetics manufacturer offers the new Speick Men Eau de Toilette, a product that complements the natural Unisex fragrance classic Speick Natural Eau de Cologne.

Under the brand Baldini, Taoasis presented a bio-aromabar (picture) for the specialist organic trade with twelve organic aromas from bergamot to lemon, plus six Baldini fragrance compositions. The oils can be used for flavouring food and drink. The little bottles in acrylic glass holders, with a tester for each aroma, looked attractive and functional on the revolving display stand made from natural maple wood.


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