Sustainable Cosmetics Summit Paris 2014

The 6th European Sustainable Cosmetics Summit was held in Paris from 24th to 26th November 2014. At a time when people are becoming increasingly interested in sustainability it is often considered from an environmental perspective. But what about the social and economic pillars? Sustainability and innovation are inseparable, so what progress has been made in green technologies and green ingredients? Moreover, although sustainability appears to be a concern for numerous customers, the organic and natural cosmetics market in Europe represents only a 4% share of the total market. What are the marketing developments and the triggers that increase customer demand? All key topics were covered at this new edition of the European Cosmetics Summit, and here we present some of the highlights. Please read the report filed by Aude Rothschild.
News in brief

New Masterclass addresses green labeling issues

OrganicDataNetwork: Successful presentation in Brussels

Luxembourg: Oikopolis celebrates 25 years

Winners of PEA Awards announced

Food traceability tops North American summit agenda

Second International Conference on Nutrition

Forum «Eco Beauty – natural and organic cosmetics» in Sankt Petersburg

Koppert cooperates with Urban Farmers

EOCC reception at BioFach 2015

Open letter warns Brits of GMO dangers

Symposium in Prague: Recent Advances in Food Analysis

USA: Textile Exchange conference a full success

Winners of the National Organic Award in Ireland

Organic cotton causes less environmental damage

Making the case for organic at Global Landscapes Forum

New rules allowing flexibility for EU countries to ban GMO crops

Quavera Alliance approves new members

Winners of 2014 Sustainable Beauty Awards

15th garden - urban Syrians grow their own food

BDIH comments on ISO guideline 16128

UAE: Health food stores on the rise

Health ingredients market is booming

IFOAM EU letter on organic aquaculture

What do consumers expect from natural & organic cosmetics?

International Conference on Sustainable World Food Supply

Compostable packaging assists expansion

Nordic Organic Food Fair reports 13% increase

iDomains launches .organic

UK: Waitrose switches speciality sugars to Fairtrade

Large GMO and pesticide study launched

DG Sanco responsible for Sustainable Food Communication

Monsanto pays for GM contamination

ICROFS puts focus on Hungary

Position paper on Commission proposal for new organic regulation

Organic regulation debate with Martin Häusling

Divine chocolate is UK’s favourite Fairtrade Product

European Parliament approves new commissioners

Environmental concerns can justify GMO bans!

UK: Highlights of the Soil Association annual conference

2014 Sustainable Beauty Award finalists announced

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Topical Reports / Most recent reports

Bio-Markt.Info and Bio Verlag join forces

Over the past twelve years, the three internet portals of the online publisher Organic-Market.Info have acquired an international reputation.

Turkey: Eco Centre Narköy offers seminars and eco comfort

An exemplary organic hotel has been attracting urbanites to this green lung in the mountains around Kandira.

German company Davert: Ready for the future

Davert company is one of the German wholefood pioneers. In the last three years the company has subjected itself to total renewal.

Grand coalition against total revision

 Organic Market.Info editor Kai Kreuzer reports for you from Brussels. 

Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten: dual purpose chickens ready for the market

From the beginning of 2015, a new product will be in the shops: the Herrmannsdorf rooster

i+m’s big plus – fairness principle is top priority

The brand’s values are fair, organic and vegan

Gepa offers more than Fair

Gepa is creating a profile with supplementary criteria for Fair labels.  

Paris: European conference demands changes to the planned Organic Regulation

The version of the Organic Regulation planned by the EU is to be withdrawn or to be amended

Luxembourg’s organic marketing initiatives celebrate 25th anniversary

The organic marketing companies that originated in BIOG are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

OrganicDataNetwork: workshop at the Organic World Congress in Istanbul and final project meeting

 The OrganicDataNetwork workshop and several presentations on project results were held in Istanbul.

Latvia’s organic sector is growing – still plenty of potential for organics

The number of organic farms in Latvia has tripled to around 3,470.

EU law endangers the organic seafood industry

The market for products from organic fish farming has become well established in recent years

Healthy growth in global organic food sector

The interest in organically produced food is continuing all round the world.

ISO for natural cosmetics – there’s a problem here!

There have been discussions for some time about creating an ISO standard

Germany: Natural Cosmetics Conference visualises future scenarios

EU Organic Regulation: significantly less criticism in France

In France the industry is predominantly in favour of acceptance of a new version of the EU Organic Regulation.

IFOAM World Congress and General Assembly: Inspiration and Outcomes

Evaluation of the Congress by IFOAM’s managing director Markus Arbenz was positive, the keynote speakers also pointed to the way forward

SuperBiomarkt grows to 22 stores

On 28 August 2014, SuperBiomarkt opened its fourth store in the Schadow-Arkaden  in Düsseldorf.

Finland scores with organic oat flakes

Oats are one of the crops that grow especially well in Europe’s Nordic regions.

IFOAM World Congress: From Bla-bla to Do-do!

The 18th IFOAM World Congress began on 13 October in the ICC in Istanbul
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